Bathroom Remodeling Projects – Remodeling a Small Guest Bathroom

Do you have a small guestroom bathroom that is cramped and looks bad? If so, you may want to decide to make this one of your bathroom remodeling projects. After all, when you have guests around, you want to make sure that you make them as comfortable as possible, and you can accomplish this, even with a small bathroom. Of course, it will take a bit of work to achieve this, since you are limited on space. So here are a few ideas that you can use to help make your small guest bathroom inviting, comfortable, and functional.

One great idea when you are working on this bathroom remodeling project is to use a nice glass standing shower from the leading Glass Gold Coast for instance. Get rid of the tub, since that is probably taking up a lot of space in the bathroom. Instead of going with a standing shower that is frosted, consider going with one that is frameless glass. This makes will give the appearance of more space instead of closing off space and since it is a standing shower, it won’t take up too much room either.

When you are choosing the sink for your small guest bathroom, it is a good idea to choose one on the small side so it doesn’t end up taking up too much of your precious room. Consider a freestanding sink or one that attaches to the wall. Another option is to choose a small sink that has built-in storage under it. There may not be any other real storage room, so this can be a great place to store extra toilet paper, towels, and anything else your guests may need during their stay.

Mirrors can be great additions to these types of bathroom remodeling projects as well. You want to provide great style and function, and a mirror does both. No doubt guests will need a nice mirror for grooming purposes and mirrors are also great for creating the look of more space within your bathroom as well. So this is a great addition to your small guest bath when you are remodeling it.

Color will play an important role in this guest bathroom remodel as well. In some cases, if the bathroom is off a guest room, you may want to carry over the bedroom decor into the bathroom. However, if the guest bathroom is not attached to a bedroom, you can choose an all-new style of decor to work with. Just do your best to go with light colors on the walls and floors to make the room open up, and then use darker colors only for accents to avoid making the room look small.